About Y Line Product Design

Product Design

  • Y Line Product Design is the vertical axis for purpose-driven innovation and the dimensional guide for value and opportunity. Marketplace success through creativity is our guiding principle.Design Thinking
  • Products are ideas and expressions. They are meaningful characters in our lives. Y Line Product Design approaches every project with carefully informed creativity. We use a proven design methodology to capture emergent value and generate new and actionable innovations. We guarantee useful, usable, and desirable solutions.Product Design
  • With more than 15 years of Product Design and Development experience, Y Line Product Design is a purpose-driven design studio. We can be your help when you create new value and work with you to steward that value from product to platform and from platform to brand. We are Legitimate Design.

    Design Prototype

  • “…From the level of refined detail in his work, it is evident that he understands marketing, business, and manufacturing strategies, and that he considers all aspects of the consumer experience in his designs…”

    “…a solid portfolio of successful consumer products. Many of the designs he worked on for me are still producing on the shelves at The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart…He has my highest recommendation…”

    “…very skilled and open to ideas from others…translates requests into solid product ideas…”

    “…turns any “business as usual” request into a search for product innovation and differentiation, a real pleasure to work with!…”

    “…often found creative solutions to design issues, at times leading to patent protections for the product…very enthusiastic to ensure meeting the scope of the project…”

The Design Process