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Bullet Control

This concept sets its sights on making a social impact.

structure parimeter
bullet control

RFID tag enabled bullets

We’ve all heard about so called ‘Smart Gun’ technology, but a much simpler solution will come with the  innovation of bullet manufacturing and assembly.

Live ammunition detection

RFID tagged bullets can be detected with radio transmitters

radio frequency ping relay
perimeter fence

Security perimeters

Schools, government institutions, and private enterprises can install guardians to detect the movement and presence of RFID manufactured bullets.

security fence

Loaded guns are the danger

The technology for inexpensive RFID tags already exists, and is experienced daily by the general public. With appropriate legislation, and minimal investment, a handful of bullet manufacturing corporations could revolutionize the industry.

Economic development

This concept proposes validation and implementation. RFID enabled bullets and bullet-free zones would encourage economic development and satisfy gun and safety advocates alike. Please review the presentation below for more detail.