Molded Silicone Scrubbing Mitt

SQUBBY™ is the culmination of a year-long collaboration with a team of entrepreneurs. The attractive design is ergonomic and satisfies a variety of cleaning needs. From research, discovery, and months of development and validation, the final prototype has been presented and acquired by investors. The platform’s flagship product is slated for a pilot production run in Spring, 2013.


Flexible and ergonomic

The silicone finger mitt features a scouring pad and a scraping edge for tough jobs.

cleaning and preparation

The mitt is dishwasher safe, and can be sanitized in the dishwasher with each cycle.



This product is a  low/mid-price-point consumable, and can replace most other cleaning products. It is a luxury consumer product with a  good lifespan, and attractive styling.


Point of sale

Real estate is expensive in this category, so the packaging is kept minimal, allowing for display on peg-boards or zip-strips.

Purchase intent

This is a validated product design, which will gain momentum as an impulse purchase, and be recognized as truly useful.

photo 4

Our Pilot run hot off the press

Here are some images of the first production run Squbby, with a geometric molded scouring surface

photo 2
photo 3