hot tubs

Differentiating value

These successful product introductions stand apart in the industry with distinctive lines and original styling. The jets and recesses are carefully designed to embellish the individual seating options. Competitor seats and recesses are typically blended in a random fashion, with controls designed to reflect mechanics rather than the experience.

jet & jet recesses design - swirling
'spa' pebble valve control system

Integrated Jets

The jet designs are molded and assembled with stainless steel bezels, and the subtle recess suggest soothing energy.

Pebble controls

Controls designed to evoke a zen-like peacefulness accentuate the spa atmosphere, and feature an led-lit base ring for enjoyment in the dark.

'pebble' style valve control handle
jet & jet recesses design - interlaced

Pocket recesses

Flowing pockets house the jet bezel, allowing the user to sit back and enjoy the turbulence created by the selection of unique configurations.

jet & jet recesses design - sectional
Hot tub jets seating and recesses
jet & jet recesses design - draping silk
jet & jet recesses design - draping silk

Luxury and relaxation

The surface details, bar top, filter cover, and jet recesses must all integrate into a single statement. However, it is the design of the seating which provide the opportunity to highlight the individual and inspire a personalized narrative.

jet & jet recesses design - swirling