Arrow T50 red

This innovative manual staple gun required an equally innovative brand language and a supporting platform of tools.
The T50 ‘RED’, manual staple gun, is the flagship product  featuring a patented driving mechanism capable of driving a 1″ nail.  This design required careful refinement, as the process ran concurrent to the development and validation of the innovative driver mechanism and linkage system.

Arrow T50 RED - sold out of stock on the first day of release
handsome, bridge inspired linkage

Aggressive features add style & function

With an exposed linkage, there was opportunity to cut through the steel and highlight the mechanism with a bridge-like element.

User centered design

Bottom loading was integrated, and found to be the most considerate option for loading and reloading.

bottom loading
depth & power setting

quick settings

A thumb lever changes the tension and allows the user to choose between two simple and powerful depth settings.

iconic staple queue window

A pointed nose & capacity window


Carefully considered surface treatment communicates direction and purpose. While the base tapers from a wide stable platform at the rear,l and narrows to a tighter nose, the short vertical line identifies the staple exit and all contribute to the user’s ability to have precise control.

Visual language guided the platform

With the T50 RED confirmed and validated, design effort increased on a matching hammer tacker, electric nail gun, and electric staple gun.

stapler and nail gun collection
nail gun

Electric Brad Nailer

It was a challenge to translate the visual brand language into other items. With careful development, stylish and patent-able, design solutions were discovered and implemented.

patented cartridge design solution

Attention to detail

The nail magazine is unique in its dual flat surfaces. This is the result of a design solution that eliminates the mechanical ridges which typically run the length of the cartridge.  It leaves the visual and ergonomic appeal of its magazine cartridge tidy and differentiated.

The bolts selected to assemble the magazine are hex-head, further enhancing the visual appeal.

Power Stapler

Electric stapler

The electric stapler boasts a handy belt hook for convenient, hands-free, access in a variety of working conditions.

Hammer tacker

With an ergonomic grip and dampener, the hammer tacker features a rear loader with an ergonomic thumb release.

hammer tacker