Pivoting wall sconce

This wall sconce has an elbow armature, allowing it to be mounted facing up or down.  It is ADA compliant, as it features an innovative pivoting mechanism. A knurled retainer ring can be adjusted by hand to allow a 90 degree pivot in either direction to set the sconce close to the wall; thus, the ADA requirements are met without sacrificing the product’s versatility.

ada compliant pivot-setting elbow sconce
ada compliant hanging wall pendant

Hanging wall sconce

This wall sconce can be mounted upwards or downwards, depending on placement, and can be lengthened to preference.

hanging multi-bulb ceiling sconce
hanging pendant
over mirror double sconce

Double wall sconce

This double wall sconce is designed to hang above a mirror, casting soft light outwards and directional light downwards to illuminate the counter-top

ceiling sconce

This reserved ceiling fixture hosts a continuous, 360 degree, acid-etched glass cylinder. The glass and accent ring sub assembly is held in place by a decorative fastener and center column.

multi-bulb ceiling sconce