bath hardware 1

Elegantly adorned bath hardware suite

This European, Victorian Era, inspired bath accessory collection features subtle architecture highlighted by appropriate adornment. This highlighted collection, and ones following, is currently available in  big-box retail.

adorned bath hardware suite
interior architectural elements inspired bath hardware suite

Architectural interior

American colonial styling coordinates this collection to a home’s walls, molding, and chair-rails.

Century’s Turn Italian Facets

This bath accessory suite boasts bold angular facets, smoothed to a  soft geometric balance.

Victorian style bath accessory suite
casual traditional bath accessory suite

Late Mid Century

This collection is a neo-classic, mixing subtle beading with chic 60’s curved flat surfaces.

Organic Inpsired

Contemporary organic architecture is sculpted with surface accents to appropriately integrate natural forms into an interior space.

organic style bath accessory suite
tradinital style bath accessory suite


This collection’s style is inspired by formal dress. It conjures the fasteners and buttons of a formal military attire. It has a persona of duty and tradition.